Nicholas E. Limansky is one of the persons I respect for several reasons. There is not much I could say about him, except that I enjoyed his almost mystical appearance in the 1991 documentary "Yma Sumac - Hollywoods Inkaprinzessin" by GŁnther Czernetzky. Limanski delivers high quality comments on both Yma Sumac and her music. Furthermore, during the film he gets lots of different designations by subtitle ...

Another aspect which has to be mentioned is his Legacy of the Diva project focusing on many important divas (i.e. gay icons).

Finally, he is the author of the biography "Yma Sumac - The Art Behind the Legend" which was published in early 2008. Information concerning this book can also be found on Mr. Limansky's Legacy of the Diva URL site.



Oh, by the way:

Of course, he did not really write a libretto for any Philip Glass opera ....

Most importantly, I should add that any previous mentioning of some "lawsuit" was only meant as an ironic twist,
referring to the dangerous lives of biographers who are, after all, in constant danger
of getting sued by their subjects in case they should spread false rumours.

Furthermore, this footnote plus the above ovation were in the spirit of my article
concerning the several reasons why Yma Sumac is a gay icon.

The article was written in 2001 for RADIO KNACKPUNKT (now called QUEERLIVE - a gay&lesbian radio program on the Open Channel Berlin) as part of a series on icons like
Yma Sumac, Klaus Nomi, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Madonna, Asta Nielsen or German singer Hildegarde Neff (as she might still be known in the US).

Recently, after receiving helpful comments, I changed the article and corrected it,
but it should always consist of both fact and fantasy because that is one of the reasons why people are fascinated by Yma Sumac.

The material found upon my research (and my euphoria as a devoted fan) is of such heterogenic nature
that I had to insist on combining factual events with fictional scenes (thus the inclusion of the weird rumour at the end)