Streetboy with

ANTONIO MANCINI (1852 - 1930)
           Streetboy with Guitar, 1877


A pupil of Morelli at the Naples Institute of Fine Arts, Mancini drew from his master's teaching a strong interest in the 17th century Neapolitan tradition. A studio companion of Vincenzo Gemito, he turned to observation of the popular world of Naples, painting types taken from life. Mancini made his debut at Paris when only twenty years old, in 1872, and established contact with the Maison Goupil in the same year. His first two periods spent in Paris were in 1875 and 1877-78.
Awareness of what was happening on the scene in the French capital confirmed the artist in his stylistic approach: loose, rapid execution, pasta painting, effects of light and colour. In the attempt to confer greater brilliance on the figurative surface, Mancini added fabrics, sequins,a and bits of coloured glass. Success came late: after presenting a one-man-show at the XII Biennial, he was appointed to the Italian Academy in 1927.