ÉDOUARD MANET (1832 - 1883)
The Pipeplayer, 1866

The face of Victorine, the Woman portrayed in Manets famous paintings "Outdoor Breakfast" and "Olympia", has presumably originated here in this graceful boy figure. The model was the pipeplayer from the casern of the Pepinière whom Oberst Lejosne, an uncle of fellow impressionist painter Jean-Frédéric Bazille, had brought into Manets studio.

This painting - as strange as it may sound today - caused a media scandal at its time: When Manet offered the painting to the jury of the art parlour, it was rejected, just as the Portrait of Philibert Rouvère (1866). At this instance, Manet met Emile Zola who came to the defence of the artist against the critics in a passionately devoted article in the newspaper "Evénement". But the readers' protest against the article resulted in Zola losing his engagement at that newspaper.