Junger Mann mit
          roter Weste

PAUL CÉZANNE (1839 - 1906)
           The Boy with the Red Vest, 1888-90


When their father died in October 1886, Cézanne and his two sisters Marie and Rose inherited over two million francs. Now, the painter could finally afford professional models. One of them was the young Michelangelo de Rosa from Italy. Cézanne portrayed him on four oil paintings and two water colors - each time with the same clothing, but from different viewpoints. In one of the paintings, de Rosa is also wearing a hat.
The thoughtfulness and melancholy of the boy finds additional expression through the feebly fallen arm which seems to be too long in camparison to the rest of the body. When a critic once lamented about this, the Berlin painter Max Liebermann answered him laconically that an arm painted so beautifully could not be long enough.