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history and present of EXPO 3000:

the astounding experiment of spunk seipel
- one of the forerunners of the nowadays blooming young art scene of friedrichshain -
proved to be quite successful.

this project produced an art exposition each week on thursdays with a new artist:
from september 1999 to june 2002, lots of artists presented their art to the public
(many of them for the first time).

the fact that there was something new each week at the expo 3000 created
a certain feeling of the combined vernissage / finissage event ...
furthermore, it provided a most encompassing view
to all kinds of different creativity and sensitivity (you were just up to date) ...

thus, a forum was in existence for as many artists as possible
providing stimulation and furtherance of their communication with each other ...

also, if you missed something good the last time, you could not see it again,
and if you came back the following week, there would be another exposition
(maybe something rather bad).

though, of course, the artistic quality of the expositions was mixed,
there was definitely lots of quite superb and magnificent art ...

in those three years, all that amount of weekly creativity was
a source of inspiration and sometimes very thought-provoking ...

in addition to the regular thursday event, there were other irregular events as well,
e.g. music concerts or readings by local writers of the friedrichshain area.

spunk was not willing to disregard any aspects of creativity.

finally, something very special must be said:
 the expo 3000 was a very down-to-earth-place ...

at other art events, you would meet these strange and distinguished people
with their glasses of champagne and their noses high up
and their arty minds in some abstract distant cloud all the time,
and you just cannot connect to their personalized theorisms.

at expo 3000, people drank beer and could talk to everybody about everything without having to pretend any high levels of attitude
(of course, a sophisticated and refined conversation was never unwelcome as well).

i think this emotional easiness must be attributed to the nature of spunk seipel
which is bizarre (i think he is like the worst mouth)
and very heart-warming and also unpretentious at the same time ...

sadly, this art gallery does no longer exist
though spunk has several projects which he is currently operating in berlin, johannesburg, vienna and munich !


furthermore, spunk seipel has been curating and partaking

in various art projects, holding lectures as well.

at present, he is involved as organiser of cultural events at KLOSTERSCHEUNE ZEHDENICK

in addition, spunk seipel has written
several articles for the art magazine



finally, there is a personality feature
on spunk seipel at the URL site:


(which is the long term photography project of petrov ahner)