- essay zur erstellung einer verbindung zwischen drei illustrationen, die bislang in keinerlei zusammenhang standen  -


While I thrive in illusion, in total fantasy, I find perfection in Life. If I keep on dreaming, I will hold on to my soul. A person not taking place in reality, off to France, off to Disneyland where one finds fulfillment. Und spießig zu sein, schließt nicht aus, klug zu sein... Wie auch umgekehrt ... "As I stand by the wall, I think of all the furniture I did not sell today. On the other side of the road, the young man who studies economics and art, contemplates the disturbing effect which my shirt has on the miraculously shaped yellow plastic wall ... 
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Our lives are about to change in a rather drastic way - both of us realizing the amount of dissatisfaction and disgust of being deceived by society which tricked us into believing that we could actually have a life (in) that chique way.

We leave the shallow and hollow ways and stop working or studying. Becoming friends and lovers. Spending our time of mutual happiness and love at the waiting rooms of Social Security ... We will start our "real life" by abandoning the conditioning influences and read a lot of books. Education is really the key for making a difference ... "
"Sämtliche Schienen der Kurzsicht und der Schmalspur unseres Verhaltens waren völlig losgelöst aus dem Akzeptanz-Feld."

" ... One Year later ... We had changed our style rather drastically. We lived together in our own apartment, being folk artists dressing in drag and trying to save our favourite café, the infamous (bundes)cafécranzler(kohl) from becoming shut down ! We marched through the streets with other political demonstrationists. Nevertheless, our efforts to remain outside of the so-called establishment failed. das glück hat kein

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We married eventually, as the laws became more subversed, and we adopted two kids, a girl and a boy. From then on, our living room became a mysterious zone of arty 50's and Biedermaier type 90's mixture, together with kid's stuff and playthings for adults everywhere. The radiation leak from the TV set intensified our own internal glowing.
The way we were took a turn for the worse when the radioactive elements in our apartment melted - and we changed into electrical mutants because our boy, who was such a different monster than we were, had transformed the TV ... Into the mechanism, we built a strange transversal intermix pattern: We return to normal every now and then - when there is passion in Life, or when there's something on TV ... "
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- to be continued , possibly -
Copyleft 2006 Daniel Emerson Aldridge



Fußnote Eins:

Folgender Begleittext findet sich auf der Rückseite dieses Flugzettels:

Melanie & Vera Titanic

Werte Lesende,

unser Café Kranzler soll geschlossen werden ! Das darf und kann nicht sein. Woher sollen wir denn dann unsere geschmackvollen Kleidertipps, die Make-Up-Highlights und die aufregenden Frisurenmodelle nehmen ?

Daher rufen wir Sie auf:

Gehen Sie dort Kaffeetrinken - noch heute !!!

Und nicht vergessen:
auf der Terrasse nur Kännchen !

Ihr Tunten der Welt, Ihr Tunten Amerikas, Großbritanniens, Frankreichs und Italiens, schaut auf dieses Café !

Und Ihr wißt, daß Ihr dieses Café nicht preisgeben dürft, nicht preisgeben könnt.

Melanie & Vera Titanic