T H E   M I S T

The mist surrounded me with its own delicacy and tenderness,
transfiguring everything else, the beautiful and the odious.
It was strange.

I thought: Just what is behind the mist?
What is inside of it?
I imagined to run across the core of all things,
invisible and nevertheless their true meaning.
Something abstract?

What would it be like to take apart the veil of reality,
into the inmost, to take it away from the picture
which our eyes perceive. What might that be like?
This inconceivable truth beyond the nature of things.

I picked up a maple leaf from the ground and tried to figure out what would be
if I opened it and looked at it from the inside -
the way you put on a pullover with the wrong side.
What would happen if I tore this leaf out of reality?
What would I see instead?
Darkness or light? Chaos or pattern?

Everything might have been perfect in the real world.
But then, the others and I had come.

2000 Daniel Emerson Aldridge