The Infant Fernando as Hunter, 1631/36


The Infant Don Fernando, Son of Philip III and Margarethe of Austria, brother of Philipp IV, was born 1609. In 1619, he was appointed Cardinal, and from 1634, he reigned over the Netherlands, until he died in Bruxelles in 1641.

The Cardinal-Infant is stands in front of a landsacape with a rifle and a sitting dog. This painting is possibly one of the most "flamish" works of Velazquez. Due to its elegance and raffinesse which speak through the composure of the portrayed, it can be compared with some of the best creations of van Dyck. The expression of Fernandos face as well as the magnificently modelled dog are of completely Spanish origin because of their realistic and expressive intensity. Slight brightenings of the landscape hinted at in silvery light colours support the realistic atmosphere.