Z E R O   I D E N T I T Y -






This most bizarre image of collective virtuality will bring a new level of uselessness and boredom into cyberspace. In addition to new sensations of the mind, the players will thrive and wallow in a state of irrationality which cannot be explained to the "normal" being of the outside world.

It is again - without the use of drugs - a state of existance very similar, but willingly and controlled, like the critical-paranoic method of DALI ...
A rapture of illusion stronger than life and reality ... All fantasies will live.

With WORLD OF PEACECRAFT, we will throw away our usual parameters and we will let all our light shine from within and direct us through this virtual dream-gestalt of wonders - but the peace-constitutive power of the internet will then re-enter reality as well, at first transforming society to the enlightened planetary state well beyond simple tolerance - cherishing all our differences - and then, at second, dissolving the parameters of conventionalization.